How to Improve Self Esteem

Sometimes you think that in order to achieve your goals you only need to FOCUS

One of my first mentors always said FOCUS I tried each and every day, to follow through. Have you ever felt this way? Where you were supposed to reach every single one of your dreams just by FOCUS.

Along the way you discover that it’s more wise to make a stop on the way, to just pause. All the transformational work to really connect with who you are, what matters, most to you.

When you really understand yourself, people can feel your energy.

Clarity is the first step, it does NOT matter when you have winner strategies. If they are NOT aligned with you. One of the most important things is to take personal responsibility how often do you do this?

Are you pushing too hard? Let me tell you something for a change pushing does not work. When you accept it, whatever is blocking you, is as magic… It disappears!

You must be surprised that pushing has not worked for you, and that is expected, because pushing comes from FEAR. When you figure out that pushing is not the better strategy, you begin to get out of your own way. And the magic begins!

Ying Yang in everything. Yes attract and create! You can get so much more out of your life when you follow this simple concept. Just try it!

Attract and Create!

There is a great concept for you to see immediate change. When the “have to” disappears, the “want to” appears to create the life of your dreams is as simple as to begin this simple way of living. Do more of the “want to’s” rather the “have to’s”. Today I invite you to make a quick inventory of your day. How many “want to’s” did you made today for you? For your joy? For your improvement? For your growth? For you having fun? For you smiling? For you.

Are you up for a simple exercise? Let get rid of one of your blocks.

M Be Mindful. Close your eyes. Take 3 long breathes, be present. Stay present. Now answer to yourself. What do you really really want? Great! What is the one thing you fear the most of this goal? As you welcome this fear. Yes welcome it, it dissolves! Just for this moment you are welcome to be here, exactly as you are. Now give yourself the gift of great big smile. Enjoy just for this moment! Open your eyes.

Are you willing to get different results? Do you think you deserve GREATER, BETTER things out of life?

How can I be of service to others, while achieving my goal?

When it’s all about serving others. How you can serve others. When it is much much bigger than yourself, is when you feel a complete different level. How can I start my day to bring more energy and present myself more powerful? This question can make all the difference. How do you think you present to the world? Are you vibrant? High energy person? Your powerful version already exits, you just have to remember.

Maybe just by mistake, yes you could have forgotten. Now I invite you to look inside yourself. What has worked for me before? What has worked for me before to be full of energy? What has worked for me to present my most powerful version?

Breakdown precedes a Breakthrough.

If for any reason, you are not feeling right now at your best. Just may you remember this simple phrase, always, always, always. Breakdown precedes a Breakthrough. Keep the faith! Trust.

95% of your Behaviours come from your subconscious mind.

Now let’s remember the mindful exercise we just made. Can you imagine you are with your will power trying to compete at your best with a 5% of your conscious mind vs a 95% of your fear meaning your subconscious mind. Do you see why it so important to make peace with your fear, with whatever is blocking you. 5% vs 95% Make you a big gift, and make peace with the 95%

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